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Did you know, 3 out of every 4 companies are not fully prepared for a data disaster?

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The volume of data gathered by organisations ranging from small to large is growing at a rapid rate, whether you are a primary school or a multi-national enterprise, one thing is certain – protecting your data is essential. Your organisation is at risk of losing critical documents and disrupting business operations if an effective disaster recovery plan is not in place.

Here’s how PS Financials and our PSF CLOUD solution can help…

PSF CLOUD provides a resilient cloud computing solution with disaster recovery protocols to match. Our cloud solution has in place stringent prevention and contingency measures for scenarios at both ends of the scale, for example;

Power Outage

In the event of a power outage, our cloud service will continue as normal and have no effect on your data. All servers incorporate a dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and an onsite diesel tank supply that can power servers for up to 5 days.

System Failures

PSF CLOUD has provided customers with 100% uptime since its introduction, but in the unlikely event of a server experiencing any fault, PSF CLOUD can ensure minimal disruption. All of our servers are linked to resilient server processors and will only incur a 30 second delay. Every server is constantly monitored and triggers an automatic restart if the server stops.

Disc Failure

All disks used at our data centre are Solid State RAID (non-rotating). Little to no mechanical failures are experienced with Solid State RAID as there are no moving parts within the disk and therefore a lot more resilient than the standard hard drive.

Catastrophic Failures

PSF CLOUD features dual location backup facilities with a secondary data centre located 40 miles away from the primary data centre. If a primary server fails, an auto restoration process takes place recovering the latest backups from the night before. In the event of a catastrophic disaster (explosion, flood etc) at the primary data centre, the entire infrastructure will be powered at the secondary site and the external facing non-geographical IP addresses would be repointed.

A resilient and reliable data disaster recovery plan is one of many benefits you can achieve with PSF CLOUD. If you would like to learn more about PSF CLOUD, email or call 01733 367330 and ask for James Vear.

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