New year, new starters and new data

As the new school year approaches, it’s time to consider those tasks which need to be completed in time for the first day of term - from ensuring students’ first days are as smooth as possible to processing paperwork, entering staff data for new starters and managing payroll information. Where these data entry-heavy processes are concerned, it is likely that many school administrators will feel overloaded by the vast amount of data which requires processing and maintaining. The start of the school year is particularly stressful for all involved, so it’s important staff don’t get bogged down by the fear of dreaded processes and lengthy tasks.

Martin Holyoak

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With new staff joining, one vital task to be completed is the accurate and timely input of new data ready for the start of term. Each data entry point could potentially lead to errors and inconsistent data sets created, especially where data is entered multiple times and into more than one system. A centralised and integrated HR software system reduces this risk as a result of data input, such as new-starter data only needing to be entered into the system once. Following this single point of entry, the integrated systems are then populated with the data automatically, avoiding the possibility of duplicated entry and reducing the amount of unique data entered into the system. Reliable, accurate and efficient, the benefits of an integrated system don’t end there; reducing the amount of time spent on data entry enables schools to utilise resource in a better way. For example, HR staff can spend time looking into things which are more beneficial to staff such as CPD and training. Having extra time and additional focus on other value-adding aspects of your organisation, job satisfaction can increase for all staff which inevitably has a positive and direct impact on the education of students.

With a new HR system in place, it is worth considering what skills you have in the organisation to manage Human Resource admin. As the most expensive and precious resource, it’s vital for functions in a school to be looked after by a member of staff, whether that be a trained employee or one from another part of the institution. Obtaining a more advanced system means, regardless of who is responsible for HR, you can be confident that tasks will be completed accurately as a result of a single data entry point, minimising the risk of error as well as achieving great efficiencies and savings. Through an integrated system like PS Financials, information can be quickly and easily reported on ready for key decision makers to review such as Governors, Senior Leadership and Finance teams. Our HR module, PS People, puts you in control of all HR functions, processes and employee data across your organisation.

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