Four surprising asset management software functions

If you haven’t used or seen modern asset management software, you might be surprised by some of its features. Here are four surprising ways that asset management software can help your organisation.

Sheldon Gillmore

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Contract Management

When people think of their organisation’s assets, the first things to come to mind are physical — computing equipment, furniture, and even buildings and premises. However, some of an organisation’s most important assets are immaterial, including contracts and legal documentation.

These documents often have crucial dates attached to them, including rollovers, end dates and re-sign dates. If these mission-critical tasks aren’t completed in time, it can lead to serious administrative issues that might not be solved in time if they’re languishing in the back of a filing cabinet.

Powerful asset management software, such as IRIS Assets, can notify you when contracts are about to roll over or end, automatically notifying relevant key stakeholders so they can complete these duties on time.

What’s more, you can even scan and store documents within the IRIS Assets Central Register, so no matter what happens to the physical copy, they’re always easy to find. You can then link these to other assets and attach additional information, such as supplier names, so everything’s stored in one place.

Scheduled Maintenance

If you aren’t using asset maintenance software to automate your maintenance schedules, it can be a nightmare to stay on top of them. Every organisation has assets that must be checked on a regular basis to maintain statutory compliance, but without a carefully supervised asset management process, it can be difficult to ensure these are completed and near impossible to report compliance.

With IRIS Assets, this task becomes easy. You can plan a scheduled maintenance cycle and distribute it to all relevant departments. Every task, test and inspection that needs to be completed can then be managed from one centralised location, with full reporting. Set the frequency and urgency of tasks and assign them to a relevant member of staff.

For example, all organisations with brick and mortar locations must ensure compliance with statutory fire regulations, including regular extinguisher and fire door checks. With IRIS Assets, you can easily keep track of these important dates that would otherwise creep up on you. Create a task to test the fire extinguishers every six months and assign it to the local facilities person. They will be automatically notified, and you will benefit from full tracking and visibility of who the task was assigned to, how long it took to complete and when the next task is due.

Now you can be proactive in your facilities maintenance, rather than reactive.

Mobile Auditing

You don’t have to be tethered to your desk to audit your assets. The IRIS Assets mobile app requires no additional hardware to run, and the complete system is contained in a fully integrated smartphone mobile app you can take with you anywhere.

The IRIS Assets mobile app can be set into audit mode to scan all the assets in any given location. This provides an easy-to-read report from any international location, so it’s easy to see if your equipment is still where it should be, who audited it and when. This frees your staff to be where they’re most needed without having to worry about managing your assets from a static location.


Most asset management solutions are designed with a specific industry, department, and challenge in mind, and are fully geared towards solving that problem. However, when faced with a situation that the developers hadn’t planned for, the software doesn’t have the functionality to process it.

Unlike other asset management software packages, IRIS Assets has been built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. It can adapt to fit any industry and challenge, whatever they may be, whatever the scale.

Whether you operate out of a single office, a collection of premises, or even manage a string of international locations, IRIS Assets can provide the software and the expertise to help you roll it out across the entire organisation.

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