Our charitable and not-for-profit organisation summer webinars

This summer, we’re focusing on how technology enables financial transparency and compliance. Our hand-picked webinars will feature insight and best practice from some of the foremost industry experts.

Sheldon Gillmore

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How accurate donor reporting ensures fund security

Transparency and a thirst for an instant financial overview is causing a back-office backlog. Donor reports are an essential not-for-profit organisation activity, but they can eat through admin time.

Tune in to discover the answer to donor report demands and to learn how to ensure fund security with accurate reporting so you can put the time spent on producing reports to better use.

“Fully digital” in the commercial market – are you MTD compliant?

Our experts will discuss the steps necessary for this tax year and in the future with HMRC’s soft landing approach. Listen to our webinar to cover the full MTD checklist, including compatibility, failure to meet expectations, and business process changes.

If you’re interested in either of these webinars, you can book your spot here:

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