Keeping track of charity assets worldwide with global asset tagging

How do you keep up with charity assets on a global scale?

Sheldon Gillmore

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You could spend half of your life calling and messaging each location and scribbling endless paperwork, but you’d never be up to speed. Assets change hands every day, whether they’re tangible, physical assets like furniture or intangible assets such as paperwork and documentation.

If you want to keep up to speed, you need powerful asset management software; there’s no other way of operating worldwide. In fact, modern tech advances are part of the reason that large non-profit organisations have been able to thrive in the modern world.

Of these software packages, the most flexible have asset tagging capabilities.

Asset tagging

Asset tagging is the easiest way to catalogue and digitise your assets and all associated information. With IRIS Assets, for example, you can tag any object – literally any object – with a scannable sticker.

Any device with a camera can then read this code and display the corresponding data – this way, you know exactly what you’re looking at, why it’s important to the organisation, when it was last checked for compliance, and absolutely anything else you might want to record about it.

These stickers work like magic, and could contain any important information, including expiry dates, instructions, or financial value. All users have to do is tag the asset with a QR code sticker, scan it, and go. The whole process is undertaken using devices we already carry – our mobile phones. When you want to pull up all the info on that asset, just scan the code, and hey presto!

Cloud storage

Keeping track of tangible assets around the globe is difficult, particularly if you have to show up in person to keep a record. You can’t be everywhere at once, and the situation can change on a daily basis.

Cloud storage is a potential solution, as it’s always on and follows you wherever you go. It’s impossible to be out of date if everything’s stored on the cloud, as it essentially updates itself instantly at all of your locations – even if that location happens to be a crisis-hit area across the world.

IRIS Assets can even store photos and documents and attach them to an asset, so staff can add images of each asset to let you see it. You can then access this from anywhere in the world on any device.

Central Asset Register

IRIS Assets’ unique Central Asset Register is an easy way to view, manage and report on assets across your entire organisation from a single location.

With this, you can keep track of any number of resources. For example, if you run a charity that organises tents for the homeless, you could keep track of inventory and even add a kind (but firm!) note and instructions to pack them properly.

If this charity also prepared meals for people, you could tag catering equipment and add cleaning dates to ensure compliance and proper hygiene is carried out. You can tag anything that’s important to your organisation’s mission and add any information you need, so you never need to worry about something slipping through the cracks.

To see how IRIS Assets can help your not-for-profit organisation keep track of global assets, contact us today. We’d be happy to organise a free online demo!

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