• Media

    Media organisations around the world trust us to instantly consolidate their companies and entities, enabling cross-company reporting, real-time comparison analytics and central control.

  • Property management

    Simplify your property management with unified ledger technology. Data is stored in a single database with automatic consolidation, enabling real-time analysis of project and management reports.

  • Unrivalled analysis and reporting

    Whether your organisation has 5 or 1,000+ users, analyse and report on data across every location. Drill down into a specific location or zoom out for a comprehensive overview.

  • Process automation

    Automate low-value, time-consuming tasks, eliminating human error and reducing operational costs. Free up staff time for the tasks that really matter to your organisation.

  • Central data warehouse

    Easy-to-use tools simplify integration with your organisation's systems, creating a central data warehouse. Plan for your organisation's growth with financial confidence.

Designed for businesses

  • Real-time consolidation
  • Automated income management
  • Advanced credit control
  • Automation of deferred income
  • Ad-hoc invoicing
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • IRIS Financial Planner

    IRIS Financial Planner

    IRIS Financial Planner provides you with consistent business-based scenarios that provide confident, accurate forecasts over the next five years.

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  • PS People

    PS People

    PS People provides essential HR and payroll functions. Its automated workflows cover every use case for any organisation, transforming the way you approach manual tasks.

    View more about PS People
  • IRIS Analytics

    IRIS Analytics

    Quickly analyse information from a range of sources to answer critical business questions and ensure resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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  • IRIS Assets

    IRIS Assets

    IRIS Assets is a complete online asset management solution designed to manage all assets across organisations of any size and complexity.

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  • PS Cloud

    PS Cloud

    The PS Cloud service is a cost-effective approach to technology and resources that eliminates the need to make large, upfront capital investments.

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  • PS Financials

    PS Financials

    PS Financials is a leading multi-currency, multi-dimension unified ledger system. Always in balance and with no need to reconcile separate ledgers, the PS Financials system offers unrivalled flexibility.

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