• PS Cloud

    PS Cloud

    The PS Cloud service is a cost-effective approach to technology and resources that eliminates the need to make large, upfront capital investments.

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  • IRIS Analytics

    IRIS Analytics

    Quickly analyse information from a range of sources to answer critical business questions and ensure resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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  • PS People

    PS People

    PS People provides essential HR and payroll functions. Its automated workflows cover every use case for any organisation, transforming the way you approach manual tasks.

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  • IRIS Financial Planner

    IRIS Financial Planner

    IRIS Financial Planner provides you with consistent business-based scenarios that provide confident, accurate forecasts over the next five years.

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  • IRIS Assets

    IRIS Assets

    IRIS Assets is a complete online asset management solution designed to manage all assets across organisations of any size and complexity.

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  • PS Financials

    PS Financials

    PS Financials is a leading multi-currency, multi-dimension unified ledger system. Always in balance and with no need to reconcile separate ledgers, the PS Financials system offers unrivalled flexibility.

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  • PS Connect

    PS Connect

    PS Connect makes parental engagement and communication easier, less expensive, faster and fundamentally more effective.

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  • PS Financials modules

    PS Financials modules

    With a comprehensive range of modular add-ons, PS Financials is capable of handling any task for organisations of any size.

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Tailored solutions

Software suites to meet your sector's unique requirements


Adopted by 45% of academies and 67% of multi-academy trusts to power day-to-day school management

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Unrivalled cloud-based financial analysis and reporting capabilities for organisations with 5 to 1,000+ users

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Not-for-profit and charities

Unlimited user-defined analysis fields and powerful drill-down reporting for complex charity accounting

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Financial services

Our cloud portal empowers your users to view reports, raise purchase requests and submit expenses

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Driven by our customers

We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with customers and develop our product suite to make their suggestions and needs a reality.

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