Centralise asset management

Manage and track your organisation's assets and statutory compliance from a central location

  • Real-time data consolidation

    Instantly updated across a single unit or multiple locations. Access your data from anywhere and on any device.

  • Centralised compliance tracking

    Helping you meet your statutory obligations. Notifications can be automatically sent to key stakeholders.

  • Full implementation service

    We provide installation, setup and ongoing technical support, so it’s easy to get started and maximise the value of your software.

An all-in-one solution

Comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly asset management with powerful centralised reporting.

Track asset depreciation and ensure compliance and regular maintenance.

Tag, scan, label, done

It’s easy to add assets to the system with our sticker and mobile scanning system.

You can even add intangible assets, such as documents, contracts and procedures. This ensures that contract renewal dates are tracked and nothing slips though the net.

Uniquely flexible

Add any information to an asset, such as service dates, contract end dates and user guides.

The system supports photos, images and even videos, so the possibilities are limitless, depending on your requirements and preferences.

Features tailored to your organisation

We regularly consult with our customers and industry experts to ensure IRIS Assets is relevant to your sector

for Education

Manage your trust's assets across any number of locations and pool your administrative and physical resources

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for Charities

Ensure compliance, maintain mission-critical equipment and meet statutory reporting requirements

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for Business

Ensure organisational assets are being managed effectively and set up routine maintenance schedules

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